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AG炸金花|平台Research workSettlement archaeology and archaeology of ancient cities
? Settlement archaeology and archaeology of ancient cities ?
The remains of Yangshao Culture at Xiaowu Site in Lingbao City Henan 2016-05-12
The large houses of Xiahe site in Baishui County Shaanxi 2016-04-12
Prehistoric settlements and environment of West Liaohe River Valley 2015-12-28
Architectural Complex VI of Changle Palace, Han Chang’an City in Xi’an 2015-08-24
Preliminary study on the state of health of prehistoric population distributed in the Yellow River Valley 2015-06-08
The Large-sized Building-Foundations IIFJT1 on the Walled-town Site of the Mid Taosi Period in Xiangfen County, Shanxi 2014-08-08
The Neolithic Site at Shuangdun, Bengbu 2014-08-08
Stone-Walled City-Site of the Lower Xiajiadian Culture at Sanzuodian in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia 2014-08-06
A study of the Layout of the Ancient City of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto) 2014-04-18
Prospecting and Excavation of the Palace Complex and the Outside Roads of the Erlitou Site in Yanshi, Henan 2014-02-19
Primary Report on the Excavation at Xinzhai Site in Xinmi, Henan in 2000 2014-02-19
Monumental Structure from Ceremonial Precinct at Taosi Walled-town in 2003 2014-01-17
Excavations at the Liangchengzhen Site in Rizhao, Shandong Province from 1998 through 2001 2013-12-11
A Preliminary Investigation of the Settlement Pattern of the Erlitou Site 2013-11-21
A Preliminary Investigation of Place Foundation No.1 at the Huanbei Shang City 2013-11-21
The Yangshao House F105 at the Xipo Site, Lingbao, Henan 2013-11-20
The Moat-wall Settlement at Menbanwan and the Origin 2013-11-20
The Early Yangshao Settlement at Dadiwan, Qin’an County, Gansu Province 2013-11-20
Shimao: A Stone-Walled Settlement of the 2nd Millennium BC in Northern China 2013-09-01
The History of Urbanism at Angkor – A Giant Low-Density City 2013-09-01
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